Emmerich Manual HS Class of 1961

 50th Anniversary Celebration - May 5th, 6th & 7th, 2011

       It was a wonderful time.......                                                                             


Over four hundred of us walked across the stage, clad in cap and gown, to receive our high school diploma almost 50 years ago.  We were individually different, of course, but we shared the same time and place in history.  Our dress was similar, the girls rolling their socks just so.  Being the original Rock & Roll kids, we liked the same music.  Some of our parents had less wealth than others, but who cared?  Money was not quite as important then as it seems today.  We went to the same drive-in restaurants-Teepee and Steak & Shake, the same movies, remember the Twin Drive-in?, and we cheered our teams to victory.  Walking was in style, the streets and alleys our byways as we strode to school or sought out the corner drug store, bakery, grocery and hardware; thinking of the day we would be old enough to enter the neighborhood tavern.  We still looked up and took notice when an airplane flew overhead.   We laughed and teased but we respected our friends, the parents of  our friends and our teachers.  In those "Happy Days" we were cool, before it was cool to be cool.

Several of us came back for the 10th reunion.  We were still getting settled in our jobs, babies at home with grandma, all of us still full of fun and as competitive as ever.  Then came the 20th & 25th reunions and more classmates attended, some from really far away.  We were dresssed to kill, bragging about our jobs, our cars, our kids.  The guys with more hair on their faces than on their heads, but still lookin' good.  The gals in dresses and shoes worth a house payment-their hair styled just right.  Then came the 35th & 40th, with even more people finding their way 'home', dressed more casual to hide new found girth, and many wearing glasses or had recent 'Lasik' surgery.

Now, at long last, it's time to celebrate the 50th reunion.  A special event if there ever was one.  This time, hopefully hundreds will attend and enjoy the companionship of their classmates.  We wear comfortable clothing now, the girls still brunette or blond- the men with hair of silver or none at all.  We are mostly retired and our competitive spirits have softened.  We're really not concerned with how much education a classmate achieved or what kind of job she or he had.  We will laugh, we'll tease, but we respect these friends of our youth.  We will reminisce and remember the good times of our teens.  We will now brag about our grandkids and even great-grandkids - which is not really bragging, but a condition most of us understand and share.  At the 50th we will once again be 18 years old - ready to take up our conversations of a half century ago.

There is truly something quite special about all of us getting together to celebrate after 50 years - a needed tonic that keeps us young forever.

Credit to Gordon Durnil Class of '54 (with changes)

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The reunion committee is as follows:

Tim Martin, Judy Crouch Martin, Roberta Perkins Freers, Sherry Braun Slemons, Alice Hughes Glover, Sandy Lee Hendrickson, Bonnie McKinney Rohr ,Richard Listenberger, Nick Ferris, Gloria Coverstone Annee, Judy Dorn Bray, Karen Kattmann Duvall, Sharon Todd Wilson, Linda Hansen Watson, Chuck Creasey,  Rose McLinn Coomes,  Judy Stuck Schwert.

Right now we are working hard to find people, gee, you guys move around alot!

We would like to do most of our communicating by e-mail so let us know how to reach you!

A wonderful time was had by all.

Thursday, May 5th -

The golfers, golfed and laughed, and are now planning to golf some more. 

 The dinner/dance was a success, lots of photos were taken and will appear on this site soon. 

Friday, May 6th -

Attendance was even greater at the 50 Year Club party. 

The basketball game was a hoot and Tom and Dick made some freethrows and raised some money for EMHS.  We drank a beer and had a sandwich at Big Daddy's and went home plenty tired. 

Saturday, May 7th -

The sun broke through the clouds and the picnic crowd came with more new faces that couldn't make it on Thursday or Friday.  We ate Nick's Chili and talked and laughed some more.

This is a group that likes to be together.

We are now meeting for lunch the 2nd Monday of each month at the MCL Cafeteria at Sumner and US 31.  We meet at 11:30 am in the banquet room to the left of the entrance.  Please join us!  We have surprise visitors every month from near & far away.